Contract Breaches and Disputes

A contract breach can occur in various ways, including: (1) one’s failure to perform as promised; (2) one’s conduct that makes the other party’s performance of the contract impossible; (3) one’s conduct that negatively hinders the other party’s purpose and benefits of the contract; and (4) one’s clear communication to the other party of his or her intent not to perform the contract as promised.

In other cases, you may have also been induced into entering a contract through fraud or misrepresentation. This includes the failure to disclose material facts to you that would have influenced your decision to enter into the contract. In other cases, it is another third party who interferes with your business contract.

These problems occur in a variety of contracts, from service contracts, where one party agrees to perform a service for another, to a lease agreement.

Whether you believe that you have suffered monetary damages from a contract breach, or you just need a preliminary legal opinion or review of a contract you are about to enter, our experienced attorneys can help you reach the quickest and most cost efficient solution so that you can move forward.

Because our attorneys represent both defendants and plaintiffs in contract disputes, the advantage of retaining our firm is that we are well aware of the legal and procedural strategies and arguments the other party is likely to make in your case.

Free Consultation and Case Evaluation

Not all contracts are well written, and every contract is open interpretation.

It never hurts to ask an attorney about your contract. Take advantage of our free, no obligation initial consultation. We can then determine if we can help, or whether you even need an attorney.

Retaining an attorney to protect your interests is necessary regardless of the size or type of contract.

Attorney Fees

The fees for each contract case depends on the particular circumstances and client. Regardless, the initial consultation and case evaluation is always complementary.

We provide representation for some cases on a “contingent fee” basis. This means it costs you nothing from the consultation to the ultimate hearing. Whether or not your case is successful, you will not pay any attorney fees.

For others, we provide representation on an hourly basis. We pride ourselves on being cost conscious, and take every action possible to keep your costs for our services to a minimum.

In a limited number of cases, such as those where you simply need a review of a particular contract, our attorneys accept the matter on a flat rate basis. This means for a flat, initial retainer agreement, our attorneys will complete the task we are retained for, regardless of the time spent on your matter.

Personal Service & Expertise

In many of our cases, our expertise has led us to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients through mediation or arbitration. If necessary, we will aggressively pursue litigation.

We take the time to learn about your business, individual concerns and goals, and will tailor our services accordingly. Such service ensures that ultimately, you are satisfied that your hard work and dedication to your business is not injured by the conduct others.